Joy's skirt and Seulgi's pants
It's semi-low-rise right?
anyways, it's been a while we haven't seen belly buttons

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1. Most idols wear it nowadays

2. RV are pretty but please don't make it a trend

3. Joy's skirt looks good because she has good proportions, if I wore this, my legs would look freaking short

4. Seulgi's pants reminds me of Shu game(?).. How does she pull this off
(pic for reference)

5. Am I the only one who finds low-rise pretty?ㅋㅋㅋ큐ㅠ I loved Tomboy's outfits too and it was so pretty... I'm sick of seeing High-waist 

6. Seulgi's pants seriously survived thanks to Seulgi... How can she look like that despite the camera angle

7. I feel like even the belly fat I don't have will showㅋㅋ

8. Oh I hope this becomes the trend among idols 

9. RV are pretty but I honestly don't think low-rise is pretty

10. But is Joy's skirt even considered low-rise? It's almost at her belly button, shouldn't this be considered high-waist? 

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