The girl next door suddenly barged out on him so he went in to catch the cockroach for her 

Catching a molka criminal in a suit

Because of the molka criminal, she got trauma so she was holding her pee(?) and he went in to rescue her (T/N: not sure of this part)

The their kiss scene yesterday

Please watch Business Proposal's sub couple!!!!

The preview for next week

The main couple is also f*cking good. They are filming their own youth movie and are funny and cute. They are everything

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1. The original webtoon was also so good.... seriously.... watch it....

2. Seol In-ah is so cute

3. Seol In-ah is seriously pretty ㅠㅠㅠ

4. By the way... this is different from the webtoon but it's still freaking fun

5. Seol In-ah looks so charming in this

6. Ah I'm enjoying this drama so much. The main and sub couples all have good chemistry

7. I watched it because of how much people praised it on TheQoo and they were freaking pretty and handsome

8. This drama is seriously so funny and entertaining. I'm recommending it!!!!

9. I actually like the sub couple even more. They cut their kiss scene so short? They should've shown us more ㅠ

10. The main male actor's acting is way too awkward;;

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