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What is the reason for the original Chinese mandu to be hotter than Korean mandu..?
The advantages of Korean mandu: 
1. Thin skin. Most of Chinese mandus have thick skin. The reason being, Chinese mandus are usually eaten as a meal(see below)
The reason for the thick skin = filling/complete meal 

The uniqueness of Korean mandus are their thin skin. 
It's almost as thin as a piece of paper..!
Most of the flour absorbs all the flavor and you can taste each element inside the mandu (see below) 

There is a lot of freedom in the cooking style so no matter how you do it, it's jjang delicious..!

The 2nd advantage of Korean mandu: 
the filling

For Chinese mandus, there are on average 2-3 kinds of meats and seafood in the filling

But for Korean mandus, there are both meats and vegetables making it a completely different taste!
Because of the amount of vegetables, it's classified under well-being food, hence why it's popular overseas!

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1. I feel like this is borderline nationalistic. If you truly look at overseas Chinatowns, there have a bunch of dimsum places, yet in Koreatowns, you barely see any mandu places. There are no way for foreigners to even experience it. But still, a lot of people are buying Bibigo mandus at Costco to test them. I don't think they're comparable 

2. Both are delicious 

3. Chinese mandus are seriously for a full meal and Korean ones are for side dishes

4. I ate Xiao Long Bao in Taiwan and they were so good 

5. I also eat Korean mandu as a meal. 
I like the fact that you have plenty of ingredients in the filling so it doesn't get greasy. 
Our house uses tofu, vegetables, kimchi a lot so when combined with meat, it doesn't feel greasy. 
Chinese mandu in dimsum are delicious too. Their skin isn't that thick and they also have a good blend of ingredients in them. 

6. Bibigo is the best

7. No matter how f*cked up China is, how Chinese businesses and politics are f*cked up and how Xi Jinping is trying to infiltrate himself in other countries' businessesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  let's not fall for those nonsense nationalistic posts. Mandu taste are all about personal taste and should stay like that 

8. No but taste is all subjective, is it really worth fighting for?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Am I the only one who loves thick skin on mandus? I don't think the post is referring to Chinese mandus but baozi? Right? Of course everyone hates when mandus have thick skins

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