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1. I'm curious about the genre of the title song since his vocal doesn't really reminds me of any genre

2. ?? Giving a solo album to a controversial member

3. I'm curiousㅠㅠ Onew's voice is my style..

4. Voice was personally so so. I will look forward to it if this sounds difference from Voice

5. I like Onew's vocals but but first mini album's songs weren't really my style. I'll raise my expectations for this album... His voice is seriously a treasure. I really liked how he sang IU's Paletteㅠㅠ

6. I'm looking forward to Onewㅠㅠ

7. Oh I'm welcoming all the 2nd generations promotions

8. Is this a concept around dices? Anyways, Shinee's solos are always dope

9. Oh what the, this doesn't feel like a ballad? This reminds me of Shinee's 6th album. We can trust in Shinee's solos!! He's releasing another mini album but I hope he releases a full album instead

10. Is this a bright song? 

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