[enter-talk] I CAN'T LISTEN TO NCT'S RAP

I can certify that I'm a Czennie. Honestly Mark is good and he sounds good and I can listen to Taeyong's rap too, but the rest are just your usual SM rappers... Their faces and dance are good but they can't sing so they're given rapper positionsㅇㅇ The group's color is "neo" and I get it, but until when are we going to get songs full of rap because they can't sing..

+ I'm adding the proof~ I was looking forward to Dream's comeback but it was disappointing 

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1. [+151, -53]
Taeyong...? I find them all so so. There's nobody but Mark. I can't even listen to Taeyong's rap

2. [+117, -9]
Honestly, Mark and Taeyong are worth listening to and seriously Yang Yang isn't bad either

3. [+88. -52]
I like Taeyong's rap though... He has his own vibe

4. [+53, -2]
If OP was really a fan and she didn't have any bad intentions and simply wanted to share her dissatisfaction, why not post it somewhere else... Just why would you drag your own bias saying they can't rap? So they can get hate?

5. [+45, -2]
OP sure was clever with the way she set up Taeyong for hate and gaslighting trolls

6. [+42, -26]
If you hate idol rap that much, just go fangirl on those Korean rappers instead. There are barely any rappers in the idol industry who can do it well. So are you unable to listen to any of their songs? Why would you only nitpick on their rap? You're so annoyingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+34, -1]
Why would you write here instead of fan-talk? I don't care about NCT but this will gather more people who hate NCT. The way you insist on having proofs you're a fan is even more unnatural 

8. [+25, -0]
Jeno needs to let go of his nasally voiceㅠ His normal voice is fine, what a waste

9. [+25, -0]
The yelling rap pains my ears

10. [+22, -0]
Only Mark is good

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