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1. [+202, -1]
Ah that friend who was looking at her when she fell down and proceeded with the crab leg dance reminded me of capitalism Yura so it's freaking funny (T/N: "capitalism Yura" refers to this video)

2. [+157, -2]
She was pretty and had good proportions even in her commoner days... her face is f*cking small

3. [+75, -1]
Freaking cute...

4. [+46, -3]
In broadcast cameras, because she was surrounded by kids like Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin, I didn't know but seeing her with commoners... I can tell that her aura is just different. It's people with her proportions that are celebrities

5. [+42, 0]
It's my first time seeing this and seeing her laugh widely after falling down makes me like her

6. [+22, -1]
Every time I look at Liz' past pictures, I feel like if she gets black hair for the next comeback, the reactions would be no joke. She suits black hair perfectly

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