My title sounds dumbfounding right? This is how much I want to break up with her. But I'm going crazy right now. 

First of all, whenever we go to restaurants, it takes us 1 hour to eat. You think that this isn't much? This is the time she takes to finish her jjajangmyeon...I eat that in 10 minutes? Seriously I'm not even joking, she eats noodle string by noodle string and almost chews it until it becomes liquid in her mouth before swallowing... And what about when we go to Korean BBQ? I need to foresee 2 hours. 

But actually, going to restaurants is better. If we're home, she seriously drives me mad. My girlfriend cooks and I do the dishes. But she never stops eating... She eats one spoonful of rice and looks at her phone for 10 minutes. Then eats another spoonful of rice and watches the TV, then eats another spoonful of rice and suddenly, she starts unboxing the package that arrived... I seriously need to wait forever until I can do the dishes. It's so frustrating I feel like dying. 

Did I try talking it out with her? Of course I told her. But when she was young, her parents were earning dual-income so her eating habits have been caught up like this. She said she can't help it. No but she's not even thinking about fixing it. She eats so slowly. You can do that, but you don't have to be doing other things while eating right? But she says that just eating is tiring her so she can't maintain the eating for a long time... She doesn't even have adult ADHD... We even tried to test for it... I nag about her eating everyday... But I wonder if I'm more of a boyfriend or a dad... Ah seriously I want to break up... ㅜ I bet there's nobody out there who breaks up with people with this reason.

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1. Even if they were my kids, I'll never tolerate this kind of eating habit. I'll throw a rage fit if I ate with her 

2. Whenever I talk about losing my appetite when I eat, this is what I refer too... People who have experienced it would know. Once you eat with someone like that, you'll lose all appetite to eat 

3. Ugh just reading your post makes me anxious
Eating with people like these is the worst... I would understand if you decided to break up with her. 
Actually, it's over the moment you start eating with your significant other and they start annoying you with just the way they eat... You don't need others to understand you

4. You guys will have to eat together for the rest of your lifeㅠ I think it's just better to break up

5. Me too I'm a slow eater so this stresses me outㅠ
You need to date people who have similar eating habits as youㅠㅠ
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And stop pretending to eat for people around youㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. You can't get by society if you eat like that...; I usually eat in about 15-20minutes. Sigh just reading your post makes me so frustrated. It doesn't seem like she wants to fix her habit either. Seriously the only answer here would be breaking up 

7. Taking one hour to eat jjajangmyeonㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I totally understand OP being turned off, you have a satisfactory reason to be turned off

8. Wow me too I'm a slow water but I'm not this bad. No but even if this is her habit, she's making others uncomfortable so she can't even try to fix it? Of course you can watch your phone while eating... But starting to undo the delivery boxes is just too much... Why is she like that?

9. Just break up!

Ah this rips me apart. Can't she even try at least? What does she do when she eats with her friends? If my friend ate like that I'd hate to even eat with them in the future

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