The new song ‘Cupid’ proved its extraordinary firepower by entering #13 on Melon’s Latest Music chart (within one week of release) and #10 on Bugs’ real-time chart at 7 pm immediately after its release. Then, it took the 11th place on Melon's Latest Music chart (as of 8 am on the 13th) and 4th place on the Bugs real-time chart (as of 8 pm on the 12th), and settled its place in the top spot.


DKZ is also receiving a lot of attention thanks to the surge in popularity after member Jaechan's appearance in 'Semantic Error'. 

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1. Congrats cuties ㅜㅜ

2. Jaechan-ah, let's hit bigger~~

3. Jaechan-ah, let's shine brighter~~💜💜

4, It still ended up being a good thing in many waysㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's a fact that they are doing better than before and they must be happy too!! I hope that DKZ hits big

5. The song is good

6. Hit big kids

7. The BL-fans stuck to him a lot. Isn't it a fact that they hit big through a BL?

8. But it's true that they hit big with a BL? Seeing people denying this is funny

9. Stop with the inferiority complex. Jaechan and his group are doing well. This is talking about their numbers and popularity so let's just ignore everyone else. Jaechan-ah, DKZ, hit big

10. DKZ, it's the start now~ I'm supporting you babies~

11. The article isn't wrong but every time there's a post about them, there are always people bullsh*tting about how all idols will shoot BLs nowㅋ 

12. Why are people fighting... it's just something to congratulate them for

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