To be honest, the reason why Le Sserafim's image is ruined right now is because of Kim Garam. There will be talks about her from now on too and I don't think that the company will just keep on taking in everything? They already filmed everything up to this point but I feel like for the next album, they will go with OT5 and I hope that they do that. Thinking about the public opinion changing one day feels like sh*t and the fans are shielding her saying that there's no proof of school violence. But there's also no proof of the contrary. Also, even without school violence, her past is just f*cking dirty. She shouldn't succeed in this country. The idols who already debuted and got caught are problematic but she was already problematic even before debuting. So I think that taking her in regardless is just too eba and that they started off on the wrong foot? I feel like if not for Kim Garam, they would be doing better in the charts too.

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1. [+487, -2]
If they decide to take in Kim Garam, they can't help but fail so just don't give them attention. Even hate comments are considered attention. Don't even praise the other members' looks. Just don't give them any attention. They know how bad the situation is. Even with Kim Garam, if other members do well, won't they just keep her in the group? It's not like Kim Garam was one of the popular members either

2. [+393, -20]
They absolutely won't kick her out ㅋㅋㅋ In Le Sserafim's worldview, there are 6 angels so even if they were on the brim of dying, keeping the worldview is the most important so do you really think that HYBE will kick her out? Even with her controversies, they are putting her as the center

3. [+291, -15]
If they were gonna kick her out, they would've already done it before she debuted. They won't take her out whatsoever

4. [+157, 0]
Not everybody just commits school violenceㅋㅋ She doesn't even know what wrong she did. You can tell that her going "I'm a soft tofu" while acting all innocent is just cursing back to the victims. Seeing her acting all shy is scary

5. [+101, -6]
If they remove Kim Garam, I would've f*cking bought their album. Chaewon was my bias in Izone but I didn't buy this album, I seriously cried

6. [+86, -4]
That kid in Fromis9 also had scandals but she's promoting just fine no?ㅋㅋㅋ They will just keep Kim Garam in the group. Even without watching them, it's obvious

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