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F*ck, this is f*cking embarrassing. Kids, get in your right minds

Post: How come Seolhyun became like that?ㄷㄷ 
I couldn't recognize her

Seolhyun: If you're curious how I became like that..! Watch 'The Killer's Shopping List' tonight at 10:30

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1. [+348, -11]
Meanwhile, seeing how people are talking about whether or not she felt offended or not and how there wouldn't be posts like this if she was a top celebrity... I seriously hate it here

2. [+325, -10]
If Nate Pann picks on you (especially on your face) = you're honestly living a good life

3. [+215, -16]
I'm curious about the faces of the 300+ Pann girls who upvoted that post

4. [+99, -7]
Seolhyun included, just stop attacking celebrities for their looks ㅠㅠㅠ you guys can't even measure to these celebrities' feet...

5. [+91, -6]
(OP) I wrote this to ask hate commentors to get in their right minds but what's up with people commenting in a sarcastic tone here? Seriously, do you not know that your actions are embarrassing? I hope you know some shame

6. [+70, -3]
Seriously, no matter how strong these celebrities' mindsets are, I hope that they wouldn't come on Pann or DC Galleryㅠㅠ Don't you guys know how embarrassing you are?

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