"That person isn't a specialist in the field (popping)"
"In the end"
"Popping was right"

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1. Just try to bullsh*t about this popping thing again on broadcast, you're just trying to cancel yourself at this point 

2. They're swearing at her more than they sworn at Chun Doohwan until his death. They still can't get over this popping thing (t/n: Chun Doohwan = military dictator during Gwangju uprising) 

3. The SWF male version doesn't even feel like Produce dance version more like SMTM dance versionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. No but what do they mean by specialist in the field? It's not like you need to attend university and get a degree in popping? Can they not talk about being specialist? I have no idea whta they're talking about... I searched who was speaking and it's a guy called HOAN, I looked him up and he's not even popular 

5. It already looks so different from SWF and it looks boring. Why did they make it like SMTM with those hip hop losers;;; You can watch 1min of SWF and already see the individuality in each characters and they were all amazing, but here, they all feel like hip hop losers... Ah 
I was planning to watch SWM thinking they got over the popping thing, but now I don't want to watch it anymore

6. They're still hung up on this bullsh*t? We can see you're trying to stir media talk, as expected ^^; 

7. I f*cking hate seeing this ugh this show needs to flop

8. That one bastard going over and over about idol this idol that is so tiring. So is he swearing at the fact that idols want to get known as a dancer? And who cares whether it's ping or pin... 

9. The popping-guys will go nutsㅋ

10. But you can already tell that SWM will not live up to the charms of SWF. Why does this look like SMTM... It's literally SMTM dance version 

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