But they sold out all their seats until the top of the 3rd floor..? What the?

Tokyo Dome today

And this was Nagoya right before

People keep saying that NCT failed overseas in the featured talks all the time
"NCT doesn't have fans overseas in real life"

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1. [+155, -6]
Their goods + seats were all sold out. People bullsh*t saying how NCT will get exposed once they go overseas and that they are getting special treatment because of Corona but rather, they were held back because of Corona and lost their popularity in Japan. Their arena tours were always sold out and all of this is just gas lighting. Even with all of this, people still mock them saying that that they have no popularity in Japan 

2. [+137, -10]
As expected, you need to have skills. When people mocked 127 for going to promote in the US, they performed live in the streets of US and kept focusing on performing live. Even in the Korean online concerts and their Beyond live, they all performed live. They also performed live in Korean offline concerts. It true that you can only improve if you perform live..

3. [+136, -8]
It's obvious but 127's Dome Tour are all live. They are cool

4. [+72, 0]
The Korean NCTzens cannot enter the country so almost all of them are Japanese NCTzens so seeing the scale of it makes me think that they really grew big ㅎㅎ

5. [+69, -1]
Not NCT but there's always a crowd that is insisting that 127 have flopped ㅇㅇ Actually, these people are just denying the reality and gas lighting. Everyone else know that 127 is doing well overseasㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do you really think that SM would be this devoted to them financially speaking? Even post like this one makes me confused

6. [+63, 0]
They were just labeled as "flop idols" selectively. Which flop group would sell out the Tokyo Dome?

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