Heo Yunjin



Kim Chaewon

Hong Eunchae

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1. Heo Yunjin 

2. It's interesting to see that depending on the center, the group's vibe completely changesㅋㅋㅋ

3. Sakura really stands out being the center. The one where everyone is dressed in white with Sakura being the center looks the best

4. Heo Yunjin or Hong Eunchae 

5. This is the reason why a center is so different. The auras are all different

6. Kazuha 

7. Because they're 5 members, you can see each one of them better like that. It's also nice that they're swapping centers? 

8. My bias in Kim Chaewon, but Heo Yunjin being the center is the one that stands out the most. She makes the group feel safe.. 

9. I like Eunchae and I like the fact that they're always switching centers too. I feel like anyone would do well since they're all pretty 

10. I like Heo Yunjin. You can see the other members well and you can see her well too 

11. Unexpectedly, Hong Eunchae suits the center the best. I used to think she was the member who stood out the least

12. Heo Yunjin suits the center the best

13. Sakura is so so f*cking pretty 

14. Kazuha or Kim Chaewon 

15. Hong Eunchae feels like the safest choice 

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