"Seolhyun, profound SNS "living itself is pain... I'm just slowly dying"

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It is especially sweet to say that living itself is a painful thing, so even if something painful happens, it won't be considered particularly painful. Although it is painful, it is not painful. It is empty by nature, so there is nothing to strive for in life. The world is full of things that are supposed to be good.

It's probably a good thing. It's good to fill the world with those things in order to survive, Aeja says.


, she says, that the world is full of resentment and that living in such a world is only painful. Everyone says that they are suffering that kind of pain on their own. There is nothing meaningful in a world that is only mortal, mortal, mortal. There's no need to try, and struggling will only increase the pain.

Other than that, I'm just slowly dying, deluding myself into thinking that I'm enjoying things that are not enjoyable nor meaningful."

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1. [+53, -2]
The fact that hate commentors continue to hate without realizing anything no matter how many times people repeat themselves is just so f*cked upㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+47, -7]
To be honest, when the Kwon Mina controversy broke out, Seolhyun received way too much hate... At that time, there were at least 5-6 hate posts about Seolhyun in the featured talks per day just on Pann alone. There were over a thousand upvotes. From elementary school kids to moms with children, everyone was leaving hate comments on her Insta. Seolhyun obviously had a hard time

3. [+28, -1]
Sigh ㅠㅠ It breaks my heart to see how much of a hard time celebrities have it because of hate comments. I also have a hard time when I write posts on Pann and that there are bad comments so celebrities must have it way worse

4. [+17, 0]
Seolhyun-ah, run away. Being a coward is better than dying. The worst is to throw your life away. Leave everything behind and live a life without killing your heart.. I don't wanna read another article about celebrities killing themselves due to hate comments. Don't die, and I really hope that you just run away

5. [+14, -1]
Turned out, she wasn't even a bully. This was just the 2nd T-ARA

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