"Elementary school students filming illegally in toilets... The victim, a female student from the same school"

A male student wearing a hat wanders around the girls' bathroom at the academy.

You can see that he seemed to have wanted to enter the men's washroom but came out and entered the women's washroom.

As the female student entered the bathroom, he looks around and follows her.

Some time later, the female student who comes out first doesn't leave right away and is seen stopped in front of the toilets' door.

She noticed that someone in the cabin next to her had taken a picture of her with his cell phone and waited to identify the culprit.

The male student who filmed illegally is none other than someone attending the same elementary school as her in 6th grade B.

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1. The future is getting gloomier and gloomier for this s*x crime countryㅡㅡ

2. This kid is still a f*cker, we need to beat up all f*ckers

3. Looks like they learn about molkas in early education now. What an impressive country 

4. From elementary school students to adults...ㅎ Seriously the future of this country looks dim 

5. Honestly how much did the education system failed us that it's becoming harder to find normal people now?

6. Me too, when I used to be in middle school, there was an elementary school student who tried to take a picture under my skirt. Me too I didn't know what to do since he was so young and had no choice but let it slide... This was 10 years ago 

7. There is no future for this country, what kind of kids are we birthing?ㅋㅋ

8. The country who teaches about molkas in their education tsk tsk 

9. Seriously the root of issues in our country is men. 
What kind of DNA flows in their body that they're all thinking about molka...??

10. The country for molkas. Let the entire world know about K-molkas now 


"Last March, A, who experienced this incident, has not been able to recall the incident due to her trauma and hasn't been able to receive proper therapy and counseling" 

A's mom: She doesn't drink water nor eat the soup as school anymore. *because she's afraid she might have to go to the washroom?* Yes. When she comes home she just dashes in [the washroom]. Because she holds it in

"It's also painful for her to meet her assailant at school"

A's mom: Who would ever think that something like this could happen? (The perpetrator) is doing so well. That upsets her even more.

"The disposition given by the School Violence Countermeasures Committee to B was 3 hours of volunteer work in the school."

"Because it was B's first offence at school"

"The mother said that she heard from the police that they found other people's pictures in his cellphone"

"A's mother has also complained to the committee, but they haven't accepted her claims."

"The Office of Education Support is of the opinion that the decision [disposition] was comprehensively taken into account, including being young and reflecting."
(they're showing B's reflection letter)

As a result of police investigation, additional photos of other hidden camera victims were found on the perpetrator's phone

However, criminal punishment is not allowed because he is a juvenile by law.

After receiving an order to volunteer for only 3 hours at school, he is doing well and stays at the same school as the victim.

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1. Ah f*cking I'm too pissed

2. Ah f*ck every time I see stuff like these happen, I always wonder what does the assailant's parents do? If I were them, I'd be so embarrassed that I would've transferred school for my kid 

3. Why is the school like that... What are kids supposed to learn from this? Giving a kid like him 3 hours of volunteering and ending it there... The world is just sad now 

4. Same class? Crazy 

5. 3 hoursㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If he realizes this is all he gets from filming molkas, he'll continue doing it f*ck 

6. What a trash school and trash laws against molkas

7. Crazy the same class? At least send him to juvie

8. Bast*rds like him doesn't deserve compulsory education, you need to kick him out from the school 

9. Send that boy f*cker to juvie

10. They need to reveal the face of the assailant. If my kids encountered something like that, even if I go to jail, I'll spread the pictures of that f*cker everywhere I can 

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