She's still a rookie so there aren't a lot of pictures out but her outfits in all the pictures uploaded until now are pretty

This was on their way to the airport just now

This was during KBS' Screening Humanity

This was the off-shoulder knit she wore on V-live
You can't see it well but it was prettyㅜㅜ

I don't know what she was wearing inside but the ribbon with her hair is freaking pretty

Kyujin too!!

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1. [+55, -2]
But everything she's wearing in those pictures seemed to have been given to her by the coordi

2. [+27, -3]
Her face is small and her proportions are fine so she'll look pretty even if she wore a straw mat. Her face is super small

3. [+12, 0]
With that face, it doesn't matter what she wears

4. [+7, 0]
With her face looking like that, she'll look pretty in anything

5. [+6, 0]
She's pretty no matter what she wears. But with her level of seniority, these must've been given to her by the coordi..?

6. [+5, -1]
Her coordi is pretty

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