(T/N: Music Bank released a statement explaining the scoring of why Im Youngwoong ranked second on May 13th and why he received 0 points for broadcast scores - see here)

"We would like to inform you that 'Music Bank' uses data from various external professional organizations to collect scores and determine rankings in order to ensure fairness in calculating scores. In addition, the production team is working hard to improve the accuracy of the scores by rechecking the data before finalizing the ranking results.”

They continued, "The counting period for this ranking was 'May 2nd to May 8th, 2022', during that period, Im Youngwoong's song '‘If We Ever Meet Again' was not broadcast on KBS TV, radio, and digital contents."

"Wednesday May 4th 2022 <How Was Your Day> With Sugarbowl
5. If We Ever Meet Again - Im Youngwoong
But his song played on ay 4th on KBS' radio show though??"

When the article was out, people already searched up the radio shows and his song played 3 times
(T/N: 1st time played on 'How Was Your Day'
- 5/4 12:29~ We Ever Meet Again on 'Im Bae Cheon's Back Music'
- 5/7 15:21~ We Ever Meet Again on 'With Kim Hye Young')

Even Our Blues played
(5/7 14:40~ Our Blues)

"2. If We Ever Meet Again - broadcast points: 0
20. Our Blues - broadcast points: 0"
Even this song got 0 broadcast points


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1. Wow what is this...

2. They changed the PD but they should change this too

3. Just what are their standards to give him 0 points for broadcast

4. Hul...

5. They are just doing whatever they want

6. This is weird. Do they have something with HYBE? This is so suspicious

7. Why are they doing this to Im Youngwoong? Seriously suspicious

8. We also filed complaints for another music show but the KCC ended up siding up with the broadcast station ㅠㅠ Im youngwoong's fans, find strength

9. People aren't fools

10. Rigged-Bank

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