"Treasure's side: Bang Yedam will focus on studying music, Mashiho on break, the group will promote as 10" 

On May 27, YG Entertainment shared what’s ahead for the group.

TREASURE has started preparing their new album with an aim to make a summer comeback. The title track has already been chosen, and music video will take place after recording and choreography practice are complete. According to YG Entertainment, they started preparations early as a major project is ahead for the group in celebration of their second anniversary in August.

Before embarking on their Japanese arena tour at the end of the year, there is potential for an additional concert in Korea. TREASURE held their first concert in Korea in April, but as fans were unable to cheer due to COVID-19 regulations, the members hope to interact more with fans through an additional concert.

In addition to the positive news, YG Entertainment also announced that TREASURE will temporarily promote with 10 members. In respect of Bang Ye Dam’s personal hopes to improve his potential as a producer, he will focus on studying music for the time being. Mashiho, who is currently resting in Japan, will extend his break due to health reasons and spend more time with his family.

The agency commented, “While always putting in effort to support our artists’ growth, we consider the members’ health to be the top priority. We decided to give longer breaks for the two members after adequate discussion with the TREASURE members, so we ask for the generous understanding and support of fans.”

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It's my first time seeing someone take a break for studying music. YG is interesting

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1. [+370, -5]
I know I've waited long enough and am only saying this now, but why did they even put Bang Yedam in an idol group? Seriously they have way too f*cking many members and they're shoving him in... What a waste of his voice

2. [+365, -17]
This one's tough.. 

4. [+302, -30]
They should've go easy with the number of members and made a 7 members group with Treasure. They have way too many members and their choreography are f*cking bad. Everyone wants wants to see their bias just once but their parts are so f*cking short

5. [+161, -31]
Huh? Isn't Bang Yedam a hell of a core member..?

6. [+123, -4]
Bang Yedam's vocal style isn't fit to be dancing around and singing at the same time. He should've went solo and sang calmer songs. He would be way better producing his own songs. I don't personally think that YG pushed Bang Yedam to debut as an idol and I think they would've planned way better for him to debut as a solo. I think he wanted to become an idol himself seeing how he was locked in the jewelry box. Meanwhile, seeing how they're suddenly taking him off for a break and making him study music....

7. [+98, -11]
I'm impressed that they're taking away the most unpopular members 
> Bang Yedam isn't popular in Treasure? I thought Bang Yedam would be one of the most popular members

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