T/N: Eta = Every Time which is an university forum/website. There are other "eta"s for other universities like Yonsei, Hanyang, etc.

"Why did we invite Aespa? ㅡㅡ we should've only invited AKMU

+67: Aespa performed like chickens in a hurry and sang 4 songs before clocking out and ran to Hanyang. It felt like I was watching some AI.....
If only we invited AKMU. Just thinking about how much fun we would have if AKMU didn't need to wait 30min for nothing, and if we could see them performing for over an hour after their encore make me sad......."

"Seeing Aespa perform 4 songs in full-lipsync VS AKMU who prepared a solid live with band rearrangement

Straight up the 2nd choice"

"We should've just invited AKMU

+20: Just why did AKMU have to perform right after Aespa? We couldn't even listen to AKMU nor enjoy their performance properly..."

"If you think that the outsiders are f*cked up, vote up
+359: Screw off you r*tards"

"But lipsyncing at an university festival...
+20: Doesn't look good at all. There's no enjoyment.
> +3: Everyone sings live at university festivals and it's my first time seeing someone lipsyncingㅋㅋ
>> +5: Agree... I seriously like them but their way of hyping up the audience was weak and I just feel like they were in a rush
>> +4: Agree. They felt like AIs and just left
>> +1: If a few of them can't sing, their skills will be revealed

Aftermath of seeing Aespa
+21: Everyone was busy filming them so nobody was singing along. 
I thought that people would chant during Next Level but instead, people just took out their phones

I was thinking about the argument about whether to invite idols or rappers but public popularity aside, I think that it would've been more fun if entertaining rappers or singers came instead.

> +45: Honestly speaking, Aespa was the worst of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's performances (T/N: University festivals usually run for several days)
>> +3: For real, if only AKMU were the only performers ahㅋㅋ

> +8: Aside from Coachella, they never sang live in any other stage so do you really think that they'd sing live at an university festival?

> +1: No but they never sing live anyways

Aespa today
+27: 4 cover dances
Saying "because we're not used to it~" nth times
> +2: This happened within 15 minㄷㄷ
> +4: So I wasn't the only one who didn't like it.."

"+22: They came after receiving 50 M won so what "important time?"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They just lipsynced, turned the school into a mess and left"

Most of the reactions were more or less like that
Don't ask me. Go ask the kids in those screenshot from the eta website

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1. [+453, -85]
People claim that they were all girls but in engineering etas, 80% are men...

2. [+310, -136]
But what are you doing by only taking screenshots of bad reactions?ㅋㅋ there are positive posts too but seeing how you're only gathering these ones is f*cking disgustingㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+285, -168]
The live audience's reactions were legendary thoughㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected, hating on Aespa only happens in community sitesㅋㅋ everyone, just go watch this video. The fanchants were legendary

4. [+216, -40]
Korea Uni's fanchant in Next Level was good thoughㅎㅎ

5. [+213, -10]
The reason why fancams and etas are different: because there were fans gathered at the event. The thing that students hate the most are fans gathering at the festival. The reason is because fans just ruin the school facilities and leave everything in disorder. On top of that, singers are supposed to liven up the atmosphere by singing live but apparently, they didn't even sing live and weren't able to hype up the crowd. The comments left on universities' etas are written by the students who are mostly muggles. Of course there would be a difference between fancams uploaded by fans

6. [+178, -13]
It was indeed obvious that they lipsynced... Rather, they would've been praised if they sang live even if their voice cracked.


The killing point is around 5:21

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1. Why is Winter so lazy in her dance?.. Sigh

2. I like Aespa's songs but... The university spent a lot to invite them but why are they so sloppy with their lipsinc and dance?

3. Seeing the video, I can understand people's reaction now;;;;

4. They made so many mistakes in their dances and danced so lazily, especially Winter... Winter was my favorite member but to be honest, I was shocked and disappointed when I watched her fancams

5. If they're gonna lipsync at an event, just don't attend. Why tire your body and waste your time? Just stay at home and rest

6. I don't know what their dances look like so I'm not sure if they are dancing lazily but even if they are getting a lot of hate now, I still hope that they start singing live... They are likable but seeing them getting so much hate because of their live makes me sad

7. I've never seen idols who are this talentless in our country recently;;;;;; they should practice more. Their bubble burst right away

8. I heard that Winter was super good at dancing but she really is bad... It looks like she has no strength and looks so bored on stage. Just how much hate does she wanna get?

9. Since there's 0 live feel, it indeed looks dry and boring. It seems like they would be good at live but they need to sing live in order to improve their skills

10. I thought "what's happening at 5:21?" and realized............. no but if they are gonna lipsync, at least do it genuinely...


If you can dress them like this, why didn't you do it SM-ah?....
Make Aespa wear this kind of outfit more

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1. [+176, -17]

2. [+166, -28]
To be honest, it looks bad... I like Aespa's outfits with their unique colors more

3. [+95, -21]
Their clothes are fine but it looks like it doesn't fit them. The clothes they usually wear fit them the best

4. [+40, 0]
But Winter f*cking looks like an idol. Her body frame, her face, her aura and her vibe are all the idol vibe. But she kinda looks like an idol from a manhwa or game so she suits this outfit even more

5. [+38, -2]
I freaking like itㅠㅠ


Video: https://youtu.be/ofb-67JS1HQ

She was getting so much hate from the heavy lighting in Korae Uni but she's still as pretty here
People were hating on her saying she gained weight but if you look at the video, she's skinny

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1. [+113, -36]
Karina is f*cking pretty ㅋㅋ She's only getting underrated on Pann but gets acknowledged everywhere else

2. [+101, -7]
The Dotae b*tches will never admit this even if it costs their lives. They seriously think that if they went to SM and got their idol treatment, they would become like Karina so that's why they are forcing themselves to hate on Karina. It has always been hard for these Dotae b*tches to acknowledge female idols in places like here and even if they do get acknowledged, it's meaningless. When female idols are popular, they get f*cking hated on and get tormented by their comments. And then when female idols' popularity falls off and their hoobae groups come out, they sneakily start to acknowledge them and go to their hoobae groups, and start the same hate treatment. It's just the same rinse and repeat
(T/N: hate posts about Joy and Yeri)

3. [+92, -16]
The kids who keep chanting about her editing her pictures, just go watch her fancam, she's freaking pretty

4. [+66, -8]
Her fansite master called "JUST"? doesn't edit her pictures. She looks like a different person

5. [+34, -5]
Don't feed the trolls. No matter how much you claim that she's going through adverse changes, she's notㅋㅋ

6. [+30, -10]
They made her into an ae with the photoshop

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