[teens stories] MBTI IS A DISEASEㅋㅋ

"Am I a f*cking kkondae?" *t/n: kkondae = people who power trip using age system
- This is freaking pissing me off. 

- Team lead...! Sorry but since my MBTI is P, I don't think I can hand you [the group project?] for todayㅠ Can you empty my row for today (t/n: probably asking to empty the Excel sheet's tasks)? I'll do it for tomorrow and send you by Katalk!!

OP: What is this bast*rd saying? Inserting their MBTI in the middle of this. Then your MBTI also has T, so I shouldn't be tolerating stuff like that

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1. [+402, -1]
Say that because you're a Capricorn, you don't like compromise, because you're the ambitious type so you can't tolerate this. And also,  you're a O blood type so you need to strongly emphasis on the fact that you're very straightforward and stubborn 

2. [+201, -0]
Wow I don't even know where to start, are they r*tarded?

3. [+114, -1]
Just reading the katalk pisses me off 

4. [+44, -2]
What they're saying isn't that because their MBTI is P, they can't hand in the work today, but that they're f*cking lazy and they got P so they can't hand you 

5. [+35, -1]
Ha I'm 80% P and I'm the one pulling through this group project because everyone is a social loafer. Because of kids like this, they're tainting the image of Ps

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