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It's so nice to see Kwon Jiyong with black hair again 

I hope he comes back with black hair

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1. [+78, -23]
Wow I'm crazy for GD with black hair. To think that I'd see Kwon Jyong in his 30s with black hair ㅠㅠ I hope he promotes again with that hair and gives us many pictures

2. [+68, -25]
When is GD coming back?ㅠㅠㅠ I'm looking forward to his songs

3. [+68, -20]
Kwon Jiyong is legendary with black hair.. Of course, he's also legendary blonde and silver too, he's legendary in everything 

4. [+68, -93]
He looks like those 40 years olds who try to still look young. And he keeps shooting those black and white photos to hide his wrinkles

5. [+38, -26]
He's so so after getting old 

6. [+34, -3]
But every time something about GD is posted, you guys always try to find any reason to hate him and it's just funny. I feel bad for your inferiority complex

7. [+32, -3]
He came back to the time I liked him 

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