The Boyz Juyeon ㄷㄷ

This is his natural face

First round of surgery (after debut: his nose)

It was too much, so he shortened it 

second round of surgery

His nostrils got shifted aside due to the reconstruction

Eyes) He did double eyelids

After surgery, his eyes were bruised + swollen 

This is the picture that got leaked most recently 
He returned to looking like himself before surgery

Younghoon is fine since he got surgery, he stopped touching it 
But for Juyeon, it feels like he keeps on getting surgery so much that his face collapsed..
It's quite severe, his face is looking fifferent

Recently, he did his chin too, here's what he looks like next to Sunwoo 

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1. [+138, -47]
It sure is easy to live as a male idol. Even when he's had so much surgery, people just try to bury it down meanwhile there are plastic surgery posts about female idols trending everyday 

2. [+134, -48]
Looks like they tried to construct his nose, this is quite severe. Meanwhile Winter got on the trending page at least 5 times for hers

3. [+126, -39]
The fans must be having a hard time, every time they're seeing their brat, he changes face

4. [+52, -19]
He probably thinks he looks handsome with vintage clothes

5. [+51, -16]
Younghoon is a plastic surgery monster too, his pictures also needs to be passed around

6. [+46, -18]
Juyeon's irritation is severe

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