It still feels like they are a team with so much potential... Honestly, Red Flavor, Bad Boy and Psycho were so good... these are concepts that other female idols never tried + they had that unique Red Velvet vibe...

Red Flavor wasn't your typical obvious fruity summer song. It was really a song that felt like a fruity and juicy song.... Even now, when I reminisce about the summer, I listen to Red Flavor a lot....

I seriously like Bad Boy the most.... I really listen to it a lot during year end and do you guys remember it too?.... Don't you guys think of the Winter atmosphere when you listen to Red Velvet's songs?? I liked the song so much... seriously, it's a concept that only Red Velvet were able to do....

Seriously, they were at their peak during Psycho.... It was a song I listened to in the winter at year end but it seriously gave me a.... somewhat sad and end-of-the-year's lonely vibe....? But it also sounded majestic... it was seriously a legendary song and it was perfect for the winter and year end... it was so good.

Seriously, I hate SBS so much... If only it wasn't for Wendy's accident and Irene's scandal, Aespa wouldn't have debuted and they would've kept on pushing Red Velvet. Seriously, there are so many regrettable things... I hope that they keep pushing them and release good songs like Psycho in the future... Please.....

I was always with Red Velvet during my summers and winters but I feel like they disappeared now.... I still remember the winter of back then when I listen to Psycho or Bad Boy... I hope that they pick a good song for winter

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1. [+97, -27]
For real, all of them have good skills so I thought that we didn't need to worry about them. And they are all visuals, f*ck, I'm going crazy

2. [+93, -4]
Agree. Psycho seriously makes me feel nostalgic. Bad Boy and Feel My Rhythm are good too but I hope that they would do something like Psycho from time to timeㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+80, -7]
Aespa was supposed to debut in the first half of 2020 but because of internal issues, they got pushed back and only debuted in Novemberㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ do you guys think that they would debut a group randomly like that?

4. [+39, -3]
No but even if they pushed Red Velvet right now, they can get good results on Melon so can they not give them a solid push?

5. [+35, -13]
Why are you dragging Aespa into this?

6. [+32, -3]
>Aespa wouldn't have debuted and they would've kept on pushing Red Velvet.< ?... Are you a troll?

7. [+29, -2]
They are still promoting so what is regrettable? They even made a comeback recently???

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