NCT Dream's first full album Hot Sauce has over 74K hearts...
It's my first time seeing a male idol's album getting this many hearts after EXO and Bangtan.

It's possible that they were able to achieve this result since it's their first full album with the fixed lineup but the discography is just as legendary...

Even the side songs got over 10K hears, not just the title song

The fact that Dive Into You, ANL, My Youth, Irreplaceable and Rainbow were all in one album is a fraud.

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1. [+159, -6]
This was the only album that made them gain many fans not from the title track, but the side tracks

2. [+147, -5]
ANL is legendaryㅋㅋ seriously, you need to listen to it not during the day but at night for the emotions to explode. Please listen to it, I'm begging you.... it's so dreamy and the high notes at the end are good too

3. [+102, -4]
It was my first time entering a fandom through a songㅋㅋㅋ When I heard Hot Sauce for the first time, I thought "is this really a song?", it was kinda hard to full off but a friend of mine told me to listen to Dive Into You and Life Is Still Going On. I liked them and ended up searching up more songs and became a fan..

4. [+73, 0]
I'm an Engene but I f*cking agree. It needs to be labeled as a masterpiece. I listen to all the songs of this album every day.....................

5. [+63, 0]
NCT Dream's side tracks are especially good. The side track to their 2nd repackage album this time are good too. They have that unique dreamy vibe so when I listen to it alone, I kinda get emotional. They have a lot of lyrics talking about dream, making memories together and friendship so I like them

6. [+52, -3]
Personally, I think that if 127 has the Kick It album, then NCT Dream has the Hello Future (Hot Sauce's repackage album)! These two albums are all full of bops... there's no one side song that I skip over

7. [+38, 0]
Their We Young and Hot Sauce albums are seriously master pieces. The side tracks are all crazy...

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