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I'm just like that... I barely have any s*x drive
I also don't feel nervous over delayed periods
and when I feel lonely, I hang out just fine with friends

Of course, if there's anyone nice, I'll date them
but I'm not forcing myself to be with someone if I don't like them
I guess that's why the dating market is controlled by women 

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1. Even if they get along with me, I wouldn't want to do skinship so I don't date. And I'm emotionally satisfied with just having friends' support

2. I don't really do anything physical with my boyfriend but we're so fond of each other so I can't relate to OP's feelings...

3. Do people actually date to fill their s*x drive??

4. All my friends are busy but I really hope I can meet someone who can satisfy me emotionally like a friend 

5. If all your friends end up dating, you won't have any friends anymore and this is when you'll know you're at lost... 

6. I can understand what you're trying to sayㅋㅋㅋ But even if I had s*x drive, I still don't want to dateㅋㅋㅋ

7. I know there are people who date to fulfill their s*x drive, but it doesn't apply to everyone. Of course emotional love and mental love are important but I feel like it might be different for same-sex vs opposite-sex

8. I really hope people don't date when they feel like their s*x drive is at the max level. You should date because you love someone you want to protect. I just want to have an innocent heart fluttering love, I actually don't think I can date someone I feel s*x drive towardsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. This applies to me... I don't feel the need to date but of course, I can understand it's fun to date someone but even if I didn't, it doesn't affect me...I just don't care whether I date or not

10. I seriously have no s*x drive, and I don't have the personality that gets lonely easily. It's not because of the s*x drive nor because of the loneliness, I just want to stay by myself

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