(drop of 35,500 won = -18,39%)

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1. People claim that their stocks have nothing to do with BTS, meanwhile it's still fallingㅋㅋ It's true that this company is nothing without Bangtan

2. Remove Bangtan and they're just an average company, and aside from the fans, they're always picking fights with the general public and the government 

3. Yeah I feel like their bubble still needs to be popped more ㅋㅋㅋ This is quite clear that they have no more future, the stocks will keep on falling 

4. This company is over the moment they get rid of Bangtan, anyone is able to tell 

5. Yeah, you guys can finally date comfortably now (t/n: meaning that Hybe forced BTS to not date, but now BTS has the upper hand) 

6. They made it blatantly obvious this year that they have no plans to mitigate the risks

7. I feel like they'll probably drop until they're worth 80,000 won. Hybe seriously no matter how much Hybe tries to conduct businesses outside from BTS, they're at the mercy of BTS 

8. As a BTS fan, I hope it drops even more. Hybe works like a dog and I hope they flop. That Bang f*cker is always playing that wanna be 'friend' game and I hope he loses all his contacts from now. 

9. Hybe is severely overrated, this was expected 

10. This is why you should never go public as an entertainment company 


The stock price of Hybe (352820) has plummeted as BTS announced the temporary suspension of team activities after 9 years.

At 9:10 am on the 15th, Hybe is trading at 151,500 won, down 41,500 won (-21.50%) from the previous day.

1. The kids purchasing entertainment stocks are just dumb
I hope they can finally learn that this is an empty house without BTS. There's not much time until they leave for the army anyways, you should use your intelligence to trust BTS instead of thinking you'll earn any profit from these stocksㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. But seeing how they'll start doing individual promotions, isn't it just like how the male idols who have gone to the army also did? They all start with individual promotions no??

3. Even when you compare Hybe with other companies, they're unbelievably high... 

4. All the other male idols went to the army quietly under the pretense of releasing more solo activities and halted group activities. The shareholders should just sell all the stocks now.. 

5. As expected their karma is hitting them back 

6. Stop bullsh*tting with the army thing. Even if they said they're going to do individual promotions by going to the army, you guys will find something else to bullsh*t on

7. You can tell how much BTS' existence means to Hybe. Their stocks are no joke

8. Hybe is freaking going to flop 

9. Bangtan will probably go the army now so they're preparing for their individual activities. It's just inevitable. The kids are already late 

10. I really hope Hybe fails.. 

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