"Kim Wooseok left his dorm to live independently and he adopted a young breed dog (Pomeranian) 
Some time later, he adopts another breed dong (Bichon) 
And this time, he got a cat too?;;; Seriously is he serious................?

Ah........ Look at the way he's holding the dog's joints, spreading it and lifting it"

Former UP10TION and X1's current solo artist Kim Wooseok

He adopted 2 puppies and 1 cats totaling 3 in 2 years
All the dogs are breed dogs... 
He was hiding the fact that he was also rising a cat until he got caught on Vlive
+) On top of it, he's actually allergic to cats

"On 2020, he adopted Ddadda - He filmed lots of contents like unboxing, dog agility, etc. and even appeared on broadcast on "There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Dog"

On 2021, the moment he adopted Bbobbo, he filmed his second unboxing, he started advertising his dog with photocards and filmed his own content

on 2022, he adopted the cat Lulu and are planning to put it on broadcast"

""I've never bathed my puppy ahhh~ maybe once when it was young? 
After that I left it to the manager"
Even stuff like that, he says them so shamelessly

If you entrust your care to someone else, it means you are not doing your job well enough.
If you can't afford to take care of a pet, why do you keep increasing the number? 
Meanwhile the Kim Wooseok fans are drawing fanarts of his new cat and writing thins like "Dda-Bbo-Lu" sigh"

He never bathed his dog

"I bet he feels a bit that way too when he said that he wasn't planning to reveal his cat (He said himself that he wasn't the one who revealed his cat, but that the cat passed behind on his Vlive and the fans caught him, he was already raising it in secret for 6 months)"

When he first adopted Dda Dda/Dda Dda right now + He's having alopecia 

You can tell the way he treats Dda Dda and Bbo Bbo on a daily basis 
He doesn't even know how to hold them and he's risking them being disolcated

Right now a lot of people are pointing out the issue of him adopting that many animals in such a small time frame, and the fact that the public is bashing people who adopt breed dogs... 

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1. That's definitely not a stray cat...

2. He has lots of money himself, why is he making his manager keep it?

3. The post is going overboard... And I'm not even a fanㅋㅋ

4. This is considered cruelty? .. This isn't cruelty

5. I'm not a fan but I don't think he deserves that much hate.. It's not like he's raising them and disposing them, and the way he says his manager takes care of bathing the dog probably means he's doing it in a pet shop 

6. No but isn't his dogs loosing fur????

7. Isn't this overexaggerating to call it animal cruelty?
So saying you tried bathing the dog once will make you an animal abuser? I bet he's simply doing it through a shop 

8. OMG how can he raise a dog without bathing it? Those aren't animals to him, they're just dolls. The managers must be sufferingㅠㅠ

9. Hul this isn't good for the dogs' legs for sure

10. Wow people's fabrication is so scary... It's so obvious that he's not mistreating the animals, but you guys are trying so hard to shut down any refutations. I'm just a light fan of him and it's such a pain ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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