"Meanwhile, Twice who have entered their 7 years since debut will be facing their contract renewal right around the corner. JYP's side said "Regarding the contract renewals, we are currently conducting conversations. We are planning to make an official statement once it's done". 

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1. I'm not sure if everyone will renew, but I feel like they'll be able to maintain the team even if 2 people end up not renewing? Nowadays, there are lots of idols who still continue to promote even after changing companies 

2. So Twice's contract renewal season has come 

3. I kinda feel like the entire team will renew

4. I feel like aside from 1 or 2 people, they'll all renewㅇㅇ I feel like they'll be able to keep the team

5. I'm not a fan but I feel like Twice hasn't achieved their full potential yet. They also started to peak overseas just now.. I hope they all renew

6. Twice's atmosphere feels good lately, I'd be even more shocked if they didn't renew

7. I don't think they'll all renewㅋㅋ Even if there are some members not renewing, they can still keep the Twice group just fine

8. The fact that they can have their own IG and that they're also able to promote individually means that they'll be able to re-sign 

9. I hope the whole group renews and everyone gets to release their solosㅠㅠㅠ

10. I feel like 1 or 2 people might not

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