On her way to Mubank

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1. [+176, -2]
Gaeul is quite pretty but I feel like she's one who gets to become the 'experimenting member' of the group for their stylist

2. [+56, -2]
She had 2 tone, brown hair and now blond hair, so can we have long + dark hair for the comeback and get Kim Gaeul on her glorious days? Please

3. [+55, -4]
She suits short hair and no bangs so wellㅋㅋ Seriously this is almost white blond

4. [+26, -0]
Why do they always try to hide a fresh beauty's face with the idol styling.. I feel like they did that to Liz too

5. [+25, -0]
She's originally pretty but they can't get her hair right. I hope she leaves Starship in the future and pursues acting 

6. [+19, -0]
She's really pretty if she doesn't wear those weird lenses.. Gaeul look way better with natural styling

7. [+12, -1]
This picture is legendary

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