Actor Nam Joohyuk's side denied the allegations again, saying that it was "groundless rumors" to the allegations made by another person claiming to be a victim of school violence.

On the 29th, Nam Joohyuk's agency, Management Soop, told News 1 that the allegations of school violence were unfounded.

(... recap of new allegations found here)

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1. Even the mother of the new accuser came forward... to claim that all of these are groundless is....

2. Do they think that everything is over as long as they call it "groundless"? He could've inflected lifelong pain to someone. It's sure is easy to just release a statement like this

3. You're telling me that everything was fake?? Then they should sue the journalists and Sports Kyungchang. They should give some proofs. There is even an additional victim who appeared. This response is way too insincere~ If they don't give a proper statement, don't they know that this will follow him around???

4. At this point, these school violence accusations will just follow him like a tail while he's promoting, tsk

5. To be honest, just refuting this and pretending to be innocent will put an end to this. He's a celebrity afterallㅋㅋ only the victims are the ones living in injustice

6. So they are not suing?

7. Even the victim's parents came forward... I think that they should look into this properly

8. Shouldn't they release a proper statement regarding this?

9. Didn't the news came out today? So this is it?

10. As long as the celebrities' companies deny everything, it's all over. Must be nice

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