"In 2020, they collaborated with ZEPETO, a global augmented reality (AR) avatar service, to release a performance video of 'Ice Cream', and held the world's first new concept virtual fan signing event, which got a good response."

"Blackpink PUBG collab started since September of 2020"
(Article was written in 9/16/2020)

Jennie in June of 2020
Jennie started this color scheme vibe firstㅇㅇ

So what about this? Even if Lisa and Aespa's AI's color scheme and vibe are similar, nobody accused them of plagiarism

(Saying how they copied KDA's color scheme and vibe)

The real OG was IOI's Somi

Also, the OG of the  the color scheme and vibe was the movie Avatar that came out in 2009

This is not a troll post. I'm writing this to put an end to the arguments and putting the facts here (T/N: there were ongoing debates on Pann about who started the AI trend between Aespa and BP ever since BP released 'Ready For Love')

post response:
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1. [+124, -151]
No but it's funny just because it's BP. All this time, as soon as a rookie group has a girl crush concept, they will accuse them of copying BP and as soon as someone has a 'ssen' concept, they will accuse them of referencing BP. But their fans are funny because this AI concept is irrefutably Aespa's conceptㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even the kids who are not fan of Aespa can tell that this concept is Aespa's
> [+14, 0]
But BP were the first ones to do itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Aespa's fans are just shutting their eyes and ears and only wanting to see what they want to see
> [+7, -1]
Just what is BP lacking to be copying them?ㅋㅋ this is just an overlapping concept
> [+23, -2]
None of the non-fans will think that this looks like Aespa? You have no self-awareness
> [+13, -1]
What is this BS?ㅋㅋㅋ this was an outfit that was reformed by their stylist so how can they be copying Aespa?
> [+11, -1]
But BP were the first. Why is this Aespa's concept?

2. [+97, -72]
If you're not a troll and that you're just writing this to put an end to everything then why are you putting things here to hate on Aespa? You could've just included the elements that BP did first so just why would you include all these search terms? (T/N: you can include a bunch of random words at the end of a post like hashtags. Fans usually tag the group they are talking about)

3. [+83, -23]
Even BP is getting dragged because people are putting them against Aespa in other posts. Aespa's fans are the only ones cosplaying as fansㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+40, -6]
Their fans have no shame to accuse BP of copying them. They realized that they were the ones plagiarizing and are the ones asking OP to remove the search terms
"You can see that they are plagiarizing BP and KDA"

5. [+29, -6]
If you look at the other posts in the featured talks, you can see how the best comments are being manipulated. BP were the ones who started everything

6. [+21, -4]
Aespa is 100% a fake KDA but their fans are so proud about being the "first"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don't they remember that when they debuted, everyone discovered that they were just fakes? They are shamelessly claiming to be the "first" now that time has gone and that the scandal has been buried

7. [+15, -1]
If similar color scheme and vibe is considered "plagiarism", then let's talk about this first. So is this also plagiarism? Then Aespa plagiarized BP's outfits here? They are both performing at Coachella here and their clothes are super similar? BP performed at Coachella in 2019 but Aespa's outfit colors and vibes are way too similar?

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