If they want to do it, they should just have Aespa do it. Why are they changing their sunbaes' worldview just to fit Kwangya? SNSD never had any worldview but suddenly, they are called the 'goddesses of sound' or some bullsh*t like that. EXO too, they had EXO Planet and Red Velvet also had their own worldview. Just why must they do this? To be honest, Kwangya was made only for Aespa's worldview so of course it suits Aespa perfectly. But I don't understand why they have to make their sunbaes do it too. Seeing how they are pushing Kwangya in the sunbaes' MVs or mentioning Kwangya in their lyrics from time to time is really so-so. 

We have our own worldview so I f*cking hate how they are ignoring it and just shoving Kwangya to us;;

"Super Junior Eunhyuk "Kwangya's worldview, they are shoving it to the singers who weren't even part of it"

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1. [+181, 0]
For real. NCT also has their own worldview but suddenly, they changed their story to something like "if you dream, you'll open the sync and go to Kwangya". Seriously, seeing how they are just doing whatever they want with their worldview f*cking sucks

2. [+134, -1]
It's cringe

3. [+125, -1]
Taeyeon didn't even know what Kwangya was...

4. [+64, -3]
It's because of things like this that muggles just view SM idols like some factory-made idols. How can they be "artists" if their company takes all the decisions and force whatever worldview they want on them?

5. [+55, 0]
But isn't it a bit funny how they are forcing Suju and SNSD to do it? Having to do the Kwangya worldview at that age (it's not an age diss) is a bit...

6. [+40, 0]
Please just cut it down... It's f*cking cringey and it's the biggest blockage to joining the fandom

7. [+37, 0]
They were talking about making their own country and now it's Kwangyaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sooman-ssi, please stop.....

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