I was watching a Youtube traveler and no matter where they go, whenever they say they're from Korea, people would start mentioning BTS. This was from a market in France
They were going there to buy food and the person asked where [the Youtuber] was from. And when they said that they were from Korea, the man said it was a lovely country and the guy next to him said 'There's BTS. Do you like BTS?' 
The Youtuber is called Chomad(?)

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This is for real... When BTS started entering US and getting slowly recognized, I was living overseas (between 2018~2020). It's true that they f*ckind raised the status of Korea. In the past, people would ask me 95% of the time 'Ar eyou Chinese?' and I would just greet them back saying 'annyeonhaseyo~'. Even in 2015, when I went overseas for a bit, people always asked me whether I was Chinese>>> Japanese >>>>>> Korean. Honestly, it's true that BTS is only getting f*cking dragged in Korea

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BTS wasn't there but people came just to look at their adㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+178, -4]
A lot of people got to know Korea thanks to Bangtan 

4. [+76, -0]
Honestly, you need to acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged. BTS has given us so many things in the past 9 years

5. [+52, -0]
They even appeared on Pani Bottleㅋㅋㅋ Even in a small island from Colombiaㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- BTS!
- Normally, they're not really that welcoming in places where there are a lot of tourists
- But here, they really show they like you. Maybe because I'm Korean? I was just mentioning about BTS earlier
- I told them I'm from Korea
- They said 'Oh? I think you're BTS' and I said 'I'm not BTS, but thank you for liking Korea'

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When you're Korean, a lot of people start the conversation with BTS
- Are you perhaps an Army?
- You're asking if I'm a fan of BTS? Yes, indeed

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