I just went and confirmed itㅋ
He liked the videoㅋ what's worse is that the video was only uploaded 17 hours agoㅋㅋ

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1. [+110, -12]
Seriously, why is GD like that?

2. [+89, -17]
Seriously, Jennie is pitiful. GD should quit SNS a bitㅋㅋㅋ Because of GD, Jennie is getting accused of cheating

3. [+77, -5]
I don't know why he liked it but he also liked shipping contents of him and Sandara Park
"A few days ago, GD also liked a picture of Dara. This obsessive man is trying to gain power over a woman. Your daughter was with this man yesterday. Stop this"

4. [+44, -2]
Just imagine Jennie or V doing this.. They would've been plastered in the news, on YouTube rumor channels and would've been hated on every community website. GD sure has a comfortable life

5. [+34, -3]
He's almost a retired senior singer but the other party is a female idol in her prime days. He fully knows that him following or liking something on his private account would've already made it to the news so seeing him doing this makes me view him as a nuisance and nothing more. I liked him for a while but I lost all interest in him... he's too selfish

6. [+34, -21]
 I find Jennie's fans self insert in her even funnierㅋㅋ they call her pitiful all the timeㅋㅋ

7. [+34, -35]
Oh so he's back with Jennie??? V escaped???

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