Wasn't it good? The concept was so new and the song is also addictive. More than anything, they picked the right MV

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1. [+68, -2]
F*ck I'm saying this without any bias, it was freaking good. It reminds me of the Apink songs back in the days. Wow why am I so happy? Please I want Apink songs to sound like Copycat too 

2. [+54, -3]
It was quite novel. The song was totally good and they're doing quite well? I hope they promote this a lot and make a Tik Tok challenge tooㅠ The company needs to work harder. They need to be pushed to broadcasts and gain more recognition, the song will be wasted otherwiseㅠ

3. [+45, -2]
They released it for Summer and I was worried for the song not sounding Summer enough, but like another comment mentioned, it has the Remember vibe, you can't get tired of a song like that

4. [+26, -2]
No but am I the only one who thinks that the cat dance will blow f*cking big on Tiktok? If they promote this song with the challenge, they'll get so popular 

5. [+21, -0]
The chorus sounds f*cking trendy and the choreography was also good. Honestly, they have both refreshing and mature vibes in the song. It even made me wonder why Apink wasn't releasing this kind of sound instead lately.. Especially after seeing Dilemma..

6. [+21, -0]
It was totally goodㅋㅋ this is the best female idol song to me this year

7. [+21, -2]
Please give usApink with this concept please

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