(t/n; OP is talking from a big company's POV)
1. During their periods of non-promotion, they release at least 1 content or picture per week 

2. The members don't get beaten up by the fans (t/n: depend less on them), they're more free to do what they want
(Nowadays, big companies only debut silver spoons, and it's true... They're all above middle class)

3. You can have expectation for their next album⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ 
- Their concept, songs and MV all smell like money 

4. The company's feedback is a procedure modelled after the company... Anyways, they already have these prepared in hand 

5. Their fan service is rather better 
- For small companies, before they hit big, i'ts a bit ambiguous but if they hit big or think they're on the path of becoming super stars, their fan service become f*cking good 

6. The members' lodging and health are even more crazily managed by the company than me

7. You can have plenty of content without spending money

Do you agree?

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1. I can't agree with any of these except for #3... For #6, it's not like these information are available to me either

2. My bias is from a small agency is they cover all these points though?

3. I feel like the fan service is case by case for idols, aside of that, I don't really agree. I feel like for songs, it's based on the color of the group but for the concept... It's true that they're being more frugal with it

4. My bias used to be in a small company and now they're in a big company and they've always been well-treated

5. I've switched from stanning big companies' idols to small companies' idols and I can't agree with #5 and #7. My bias has been promoting for years and their fan service has always been solid and they release a lot of free contents

6. This is totally case by case. It really depends on your company 

7. My bias' company went from a small to a big company and they've a;ways done all that despite being a small company 

8. I could've agreed with this to a certain extent in the past, but right now, I don't..

9. I can agree with 1,3,5,7

10. I can only agree with #3

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