Ever since middle school's 1st grade, she was already known to be pretty
After getting close to her, I realized that she was the softest and kindest person I've met. When she talks, she never swears and she only talks prettily, She also talks in a very quiet way. Her face and her heart are very pretty, that's why she was famous. 
Even in situation when she could feel offended, she just smiled, said it was fine and let it slide. She also gave good reactions to her friends' words and she was just always smiling. She was perfect, like an angelㅠ  I feel like crying writing this 
After school one day, she got cast right in front of the school alone. 
Her face is is super small and she has huge eyes. Her skin is white and she's shockingly pretty
She moved in the middle of middle school so we lost contact, but when I heard news of her becoming a trainee, and her MV suddenly released, lots of kids who were closed to her released IG stories about it on their private IG. Everyone welcomed the news and wished her to succeed. 
Haerin was seriously so quiet and kind, she never wore makeup and she was the unrivaled beauty. She doesn't have any past controversies, she was just so so kind. I really hope that she succeeds. 
I just wanted to write this down quickly. Haerin0ah fighting, everyone you knew are supporting you, we love you!!!ㅠㅠㅠ

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1. [+70, -4]
Wow her past seems so clean...ㅠ I f*cking love it 

2. [+52, -0]
The comments f*ck you guys are showing your inferiority complex. Just how many of you were already managing your life in middle school?ㅋㅋ 

3. [+37, -31]
Do employees want to make it that obvious that they're the ones writing those posts?.. 

4. [+29, -2]
ㅠㅠㅠ She also has the actress vibe, she's so pretty 

5. [+15, -1]
So it's true that Min Heejin only picked the kids who have clean past, good personality and who are talented

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