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The Boyz Younghoon, Juyeon 
NCT Jungwoo, Doyoung
Drippin Cha Junho
B2ST Yong Joonhyung
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SF9 Rowoon
Enhypen Sunghoon

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1. [+83, -22]
I'm saying this seriously, Park Sunghoon has looked handsome ever since he was young and he was even handsome for it, is there even a need to bash him with his past?

2. [+71, -17]
But getting plastic surgery is the most important thing in the idol industry so it's meaningless to hate on them for their plastic surgery. Of course, I'm not talking about people discussing whether an idol was already pretty/handsome pre-plastic surgery. I'm talking about the things that plastic surgery cannot fix such as the placement of facial features, the face size, the chin development, the overall amount of empty space in someone's face, etc. (T/N: in Korea, if you have bigger features, it means you have less "empty space" you have on your face). If every other requirements are fine but that they have a flat nose and small eyes, it can still make their overall face look ugly. So that's when someone can benefit from getting plastic surgery.... but most of the commoners cannot get a celebrity's level of face through plastic surgery. The reasons are the requirements I discussed earlier. Because you need to be born with those requirements, even if you got double eyelids surgery, you'll just end up looking like a Pann-girl who has a line above her eyes and nothing more... Becoming a goddess through getting double eyelids and nose surgery alone is rare. 

3. [+68, -3]
People are playing so dirty with female idols, they always bring up their past pictures every day.. No but you guys never had a bad picture taken your whole life? You can take any pretty girl around you right now in picture with your phone's back camera and it's possible that they come out looking weird. Do you think just because they're celebrities, they won't have pictures like that... And who cares if they were truly ugly in the past, anyways, right now, they became idols that people fangirl over for their faces? It's not like people fangirl on them by looking at their past picturesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who cares what they looked like in the past, as long as they're handsome and pretty now is all we ask for.. 

4. [+61, -7]
If anyone can do surgery and look like that, then why are those plastic surgery monsters in the Gangnam stations not celebrities? Even if all of them did their eyes, nose and chin, they don't look like celebrities? Why can't they become male and female idols at a big company?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Not everyone can become pretty or handsome through plastic surgery... So please!!!! Get a reality check a bit

5. [+27, -10]
Jungwoo's double eyelids have always appeared and disappeared you fool

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