No matter where Ryujin, Lia and Yuna go, they would be visual-center level. Yeji is also totally pretty in an unique. It's true that Chaeryeong is a bit behind compared to the other 4 but she's not ugly

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1. [+177, -86]
I find Chaeryeong pretty and I still don't understand why she's being hated

2. [+129, -41]
ITZY are pretty but all the members have good bodies and proportions

3. [+95, -62]
If you had a conscience, remove Chaeryeong. There are an overwhelming amount of commoners prettier than Chaeryeong

4. [+55, -44]
Of course. They are the only group where I find all members pretty

5. [+51, -32]
I don't think that anyone else aside from Yuna can be the visual-center no matter where they go. What "Ryujin and Lia?"ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+39, -6]
She's pretty but handsome

7. [+38, -12]
Chaeryeong is really pretty. Also, her skin is seriously white. She's like a white jade and is shining, I know because I saw her in real life;;; Just why is she getting hate because of her visuals?ㅠㅠ If you saw her in real life, her aura is obviously like that of a beautiful celebrity

8. [+36, -6]
You need to see Yeji in real life. Her aura is killer. Also, when I saw Lia in real life, I understood why Park Jinyoung stood up for her

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