"We're on stage so we need to perform live"

"Is there any reasons to perform live? You should do it if you're singers"

"If I'm not live, I don't feel like I have any energy"

"(singing live VS) Just not singing and only lipsyncing and dancing"

"The energy feels different through the camera"

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1. [+219, -4]
They're not taking any jab, they're just saying the truth 

2. [+172, -4]
Rather than taking a jab, that's just their own convictions. And I think that StayC are worthy of saying things this way... I'm saying this since I used to be a J-pop fan 

3. [+130, -8]
"Healthy and clean" I feel like this group suits this expression the most

4. [+79, -3]
The fact that people take it as a jab says a lot about their own biases. They must be thinking "Ah those b*tches are insane for saying this while my bias is lipsyncing"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

5. [+43, -1]
The right mindset
"The PD said that the voice crack wasn't our fault"
"It's true that if you're off-tune, it means that you didn't practice"
"But voice cracks aren't due to lack of practice"
"Yes, it just means that we're doing our best in singing so our voice cracked."

6. [+37, -0]
What jab? If you feel offended by this, does it mean your bias is really performing live?

7. [+35, -1]
They just have cool principles, what jab... I feel like most idols only sing with their real voice a few times then throw away their mics. They've debuted for over a year and half but are still maintaining this attitude. They're seriously cool 

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