Her own IG and studio are filled with younger girls' pictures


I [MHJ] sent sent her a photo of Brooke Shields as a teenager, and she liked it. With a charm that only the matured past can embrace, Krystal versatility handles time and distance. Rather than imitating [Brooke's] hairstyle or pose, [Krystal] can show expressions of someone who is able to feel emotions and moods. Whether it's a young lady, a vampire, or the cute Sujeong, she can suddenly become independent from herself. Even if she wears the same clothes in the same place, each picture feels different. 

This is the GQ magazine photoshoot that Min Heejin lead in 2016 with Sujeong who was 24 y'o back then. It kinda looks bizarre now 

Newjeans' reference

Brook Shields is advertising jeans again 40 years after the infamous Calvin Klein commercial as a teenager.

When she was only 15, she appeared in a Calvin Klein commercial and said, 'Want to know what's between me and Calvin? There is nothing.' Because she was a minor, it caused a stir, and CBS and ABC banned the advertisement.

"I didn't think it was about underwear or anything sexual," Brooke Shields told Vogue last year. What struck me was, people would tell me stuff like 'So you knew what was happening. So you have these kinds of thoughts.' Yet, they didn't explain what it meant. I was young, and I was naive. The paparazzi used to yell at me and my mother saying 'How can you do that?'. 

She's even famous for her ad that promoted child p**n 

Min Hee Jin's muse is Brooke Shields
Just looking at her looks and aura, you can tell she influenced the girl group's concept

It may not be easy to realize this kind of 'affection' because she's another woman or same-sex. However, if you are a producer, you need to be more careful with your approach to your relationship with children.

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1. [+151, -81]
SM is scary, now that she left and she's successful, they're trying to step on people like her. The fact that there are already 5 people recommending the post and we're in the middle of the night looks like people aren't sleeping and are trending to send this to the trending page by tomorrow morningㅋㅋ;;

2. [+97, -8]
You know that you can get sued for this?ㅋㅋㅋ You crossed the line 

3. [+90, -49]
But there were talks about her being like that even when she used to be in SM 

4. [+56, -1]
She needs to be at least this bad.. 
I don't know if it's Spring or Summer when we talked about what we should do together when we get more prosperous/richer than right now, at Dolgoti Station, at a chicken restaurant. I don't know if the time has come or not.

I wanted to drive them(NCT Dream?) to a darker place, but Sangyoon(?) didn't want to. I was a bit dissatisfied, but I still think he's kinder than me.

I especially liked Jisung's face, eyes, and gestures. He also had a pretty habit of correcting/clearing his voice that had just passed the stage of maturation. To be an adult is just to endure being broken. It is also the reason why I'm obsessed with the boy's face.

5. [+56, -11]
But there were people talking about this even on Twitter in the past too 

6. [+42, -2]
There are lots of people who have this kind of 'taste' even on PANN. But it's not like they are p**dophiles nor because they like minors, it's just a genre that attracts a lot of fans. You guys are giving a pass for IU and Sulli but here, you call her a p**dophileㅋㅋㅋ You guys should start by stopping RPS first

7. [+34, -6]
Honestly speaking, she had her own share of loli and shota controversies when she was in SM 

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