+ Lisa was nominated as 'Best K-POP'

The U.S.' VMA Awards (they are in the top 4 biggest ceremonies) and they just revealed their nominees now

The K-pop teams that were nominated include Bangtan / Seventeen / Twice / BP / Stray Kids / ITZY

HYBE, YG and JYP are all here but SM is the only one without any team..

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1. [+361, -27]
I lived in the U.S. until last year and nobody knew K-pop aside from Bangtan and BP

2. [+211, -51]
I bet that they don't know anyone of these 6 teams aside from Bangtan and BP though. So what do you mean?

3. [+108, -176]
Of course, since we are in Korea here, this awards ceremony is meaningless to us. But SM has always sent their artists to the U.S. while abusing the media play so doesn't it say something if their artists can't even get nominated even in unpopular awards ceremonies?

4. [+72, -65]
They don't even know BP so what are you saying?

5. [+66, -7]
But why are the kids who go "omo~ seems like our kids are popular in the U.S.!!" just because their bias made it to this list so funny? My older cousin went to the U.S. for her studies so I asked her about it and she said that aside from Bangtan and BP, they don't know any of them. What's worse is that even for BP, unless you're someone who spends a lot of time on the internet, you wouldn't know them

6. [+53, -18]
But there are especially a lot of SM fans on Pann? Usually, when there are posts hating on companies getting posted here, the top comments would be filled with fans of other groups hating on them whether it's YG or JYPㅋ but all the best comments here are made by SM fansㅋㅋ seriously, someone said that if you want to see who's the biggest fandom on Pann, then you just need to see who's the top comment in the hate posts. Seems like it's true

7. [+46, -5]
But aren't they childish? Like catching the Black Mamba with their super powers~~~ or some Avengers team~~ It's just cringe

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