Their new song I LOVE YOU has already entered the chart on July 5th, before they released it physically
Kang Seungyoon's self-composed and written songs have now reached an average on 105,198,363 streams

Below is the full coverage (t/n:  we will paraphrase)

'Summer material Winner'. Winner has become the group who receives love through their refreshing concepts and title songs. On July 5th, 2 years and 3 months after their vacuum period, they released their 4th mini album [HOLIDAY], with the title song 'I LOVE U', which was a hit as expected. There are also 'REALLY REALLY' 'ISLAND' AND 'LOVE ME LOVE ME' which are all refreshing pop sounds that only Winner can release. But did you know all theses songs were produced directly by Winner's Kang Seungyoon?

WINNER has released a total of 14 title songs in total, and among them, 10 songs were produced by Kang Seungyoon (producing, writing, everything). However, the even in the sphere of idols self-produced songs, delivering the results is never an easy thing. [Melon] was curious to find find out what was the average streaming of the title songs that WINNER Kang Seungyoon produced? He had reached a full 100M streams in average. 

The exact average is 105,198,363 streams. To the people who know how to read Melon Data wrap, you would know how hard it is to even reach 100M streams. This means you are really the general public's pick. 

Moreover, all of the WINNER songs have ranked on Melon. The highest one are REALLY REALLY, EVERYDAY and MILLIONS. All songs composed by KAng Seungyoon. Among the 10 top streamed songs from WINNER, 7 of them have been songs Kang Seungyoon participated in in terms of producing. 

Winner's debut album was already self-made from the members entirely. And REALLY REALLY really cemented their position. 

They became the first male idols to reach 100M streams while being in the charts in 2016. Which was the record that WINNER, which changed to 4 members group broke. Having Kang Seungyoon as their main producer and all the members participating to their songs, WINNER was able to find their signature 'refreshing' sound for the first time. 

Aside from the refreshing title songs, those are other masterpieces composed by WINNER's members.

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1. Wow I'm another group's fan but just from the intro of LOVE ME LOVE ME, I can tell they're such a fraud 

2. Winner's songs exceed generations and you never get tired of them. They're a house of masterpieces. He doesn't just participate in composing and producing, he's the main composer and producers. To do this and produce songs that the general public wants to hear is seriously not an easy thing, you need freaking solid skills... Anyone can compose their songs, but to write a hit song and to produce something with this kind of average means that you've became a hit among the general public. This is super difficult but also freaking exhilarating 

3. I seriously agree with 'DON'T BE SHY' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Please listen to it 

4. I'm someone who became their fans because I listened to their music 'We Were' and 'Have a Good Day' turned me into a fanㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those songs were so good that I was shockedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And their Vapp concert? was also freaking good 

5. Me either, I'm not a KPOP fan, but I remember getting hooked the moment I listened to Really Really 

6. Kang Seungyoon sings well and he's also a musical genius when it comes to composing 

7. Kang Seungyoon is a genius, but also a fool who knows nothing beside Winner

8. I'm another group's fan but Love Me Love Me, Island and Air are totally my style, they're such refreshing songs. Especially, the moment I listen to Island, I feel like I can see the sea in front of meㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Nowadays, I find Winner so likable, please succeed even more 

9. Winner has succeeded, Kang Seungyoon is cool 

10. Kang Seungyoon never embarrasses the fans, rather he makes them so proud. Kang Seungyoon do even better

11. I like Winner's songs, they make you feel good when you listen to them. Having an average of 100M stream is freaking solid 

12. Wow 100M average is seriously cool. Kang Seungyoon is such a talented character. He sings well and even makes good songs 

13. 100M average wowㅋㅋㅋ But I acknowledge their songs are goodㅋㅋ

14. Kang Seungyoon seriously... He's charming because he's always working hard

15. But if you go to cafes or road shops, you hear a lot of Winner songsㅇㅇ Even their b-side songs play sometimes

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