(charted at 2pm at 71st)

He has BTS' buzz and he had the most push from Hybe.. Does he have no popularity to the general public?

He even had a party yesterday that created a buzz

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1. [+79, -71]
The reason why J-hope completely failed despite being the first solo of BTS: first of all, J-hope has no fans. His singing skills are also so-so, just like his rap skills. The general public barely knows that there's a member named J-hope in BTS. This is how little presence he has 

2. [+74, -54]
It's because he has no individual recognition and his song was so so 

3. [+64, -54]
BTS is what's impressive, meanwhile J-hope is... Just another celebrity 

4. [+36, -15]
He made such a big fuss about the partyㅋㅋ Just to chart out 

5. [+34, -13]
It's actually quite impressiveㅋㅋ

6. [+32, -26]
ㅠㅠ Army always go around calling others flop this flop that, meanwhile, they're stanning a flop themselves

7. [+25, -6]
His songs style isn't something that Melon users like, he could've released something that the general public will listen to, but he went for the music he wanted to do in the end. It's nice to see so why? Is charting out from Melon everything??ㅋ People rather listen songs on Spotify and Youtube nowadays

8. [+25, -14]
His song overall was lackluster but it reflects what his own taste are. And I don't think he cares about the charts so he's rather cool?

9. [+23, -9]

10. [+22, -7]
He's doing better than your own flop-dols so don't worry 

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