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t/n: 믿듣: You can trust what you will hear/guaranteed banger

If you look at Bigbang, BlackPink, 2NE1 separetly, their groups have always have achieved consistently good results. But I also feel like SM's idols have achieved even more daebak results, but nobody call them 'guaranteed banger' 

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1. Is it because YG artists are able to rank in the yearly charts? 

2. In my opinion, I consider SM artists more 'guaranteed banger' ...! But YG artists' songs have that hip hop base beat so maybe that's why the general public prefers them?

3. OP wrote it themselves in the post, it's because their results are *consistently* good

4. Didn't Bigbang contribute the most to that title? Bigbang was the one who started this trend and the artists who debuted after them all made music that the general public liked so the company's image became like that 

5. Even though Winner and iKON weren't always consistent, they released songs that ranked #1 in the yearly chart a lot no? 

6. Isn't it based on the ability to rank in the yearly charts?
> But I feel like SM artists did that more often no?

7. Because their songs are public-friendly... Just look at Bigbang and 2NE1 

8. Bigbang and 2NE1 influenced it a lot 

9. Honestly I agree with OP.. They don't have other teams who do consistently well aside from Bigbang, 2NE1 and Blackpink .. 

10. Frankly, among the Big3, doesn't YG release the most public-friendly music of them all? SM is all about the fandom 

11. It's because have good song that they're public-friendly 

12. It's because rather than the fandom, their songs make a bigger impression..?

13. It's because their songs are public-friendly. They know how to produce good songs so their image of 'guaranteed banger' is stronger

14. Because the general public listens to them more

15. Because they have good songs. They have Winner and iKON who made songs that everyone knows

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