Their hair and makeup were all good and their full-group fancam was daebak. Especially at 1:45~2min

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1. [+42, -5]
You need to watch every individual fancams. They don't have a single hole in dancing, they all dance so well 

2. [+31, -2]
Seriously they were legendary today... You must watch their full-group fancam, they're so synchronized in their dancing, they dance crazily well so it's satisfying to watch 

3. [+31, -2]
Nowadays, I feel like I'm fangirling on rookies, they debuted during Covid times so they're really trying to give the fans everything they want and their energy is so high. Their faces are legendary and I'm so happyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+21, -0]
I seriously watch all idols choreography videos and Enhypen seriously are the top when it comes to synchronization. They don't have a single dance hole and they're all so good 

5. [+19, -1]
It's f*cking fun to stan them 

6. [+18, -7]
Being able to see those 2 versions on stage, his gap is legendary

7. [+17, -2]
Park Sunghoon

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