- I need to [work] really hard this year too 
- My manager hyung told be when we debuted that 'A team that isn't #1 has no meaning'
- And in Malibu, my teacher said 'If NCT fails today, you're the one to blame'

- Right now, in this moment, I'll give everything I can give as a leader
 - Through the 7 years, the pressure and load of the burden that was put on my shoulders, I want to give back the biggest burden and pressure away
- I'm going to prove that we're able not only because of me, but because of all the other members. I will work hard to bring out the best potential and the energy of all the members 

- Because of our NCT system, people end up supporting individual members more and you can't help but only look at the members who stand out more
- But I hope there are just as much 127 fans who support and love all of us
- The reason why I'm talking about it it because there are a lot of members who talk to me and when they share their feelings, this is what hurts me the most

- This year too, I honestly think that it'll be really hard if we don't have everyone's support. Is this the 7th year dilemma?

It seems like because of the infinite expansion of NCT, being a leader of 22 people became hard for Taeyong. He didn't make it obvious but I'm sure that there's a lot of festering among the members... Meanwhile, SM is still deciding to add new NCT units. I'm so worried about Taeyong having to take care of 22 members + X

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1. [+143, -3]
I think that he's talking from the bottom of his heart like that because he wanted to share it with the fans. I don't think this is other fans' business to know about it, so please be considerate when you release stuff like that 

2. [+133, -84]
It's because you were an eyesore to the team with your scamming that you're the one hearing about taking the blame if the team fails. Why is he playing victim here?

3. [+92, -36]
Taeyong-ah you should be the first one to stop taking care of your individual fans first
"No thanks, no, thanks for
thank you world
thank you mom
thank you Tyong-peu (t/n: Taeyong fans) 
give me love, give me strength 
but I ain't gon' let that mess up
my moo oo oo oo ood"

4. [+85, -1]
And his last Bubble
- For this promotion, I will go back to my roots and I won't care whether my body gets hurt, I will show you the best I can do so please look forward to it a lot. I wondered if I lost my roots so I'm writing on this Bubble like a diaryㅎㅎㅎ Actually, there must be a lot of people seeing this. 
- This world's most important thing is your own self. Everyone should take care of their own health and move towards their own dreams, but don't forget us if we're on that path. I love you and thank you again. I'll go back to the cute Tyongie tomorrowㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ Ok, let's go together~"

5. [+52, -1]
Our country always say stuff like 'men should take responsibility over the things they say' so why are people nitpicking on Taeyong when he does it?... Is it because he's putting a lot of modifiers in front of his words? He's just saying that he's taking responsibility for the things he said. Instead of hating on him, go read a book or something 

6. [+34, -27]
He seems to be going insane, what's wrong with him?

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