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Do you think even muggles even know them? Like their names and everything, I'm just curious..
t/n: muggle: general public or people who don't know anything about idols industry/not a fan of any idols

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1. I bet they only know the group's name, they don't know any of the members' names alright

2. They know the group by name but they don't know the members

3. For a top group, muggles would only listen to their songs, but I bet they can tell who is who too

4. I feel like they only know as much as who "Travel" and "Ex-Bang-Won" are  (Travel = Twice, RV, BP)

5. They know the groups 

6. I feel like they don't know anyone who came out recently 

7. They know the groups but not the members

8. They know the group and their representative songs 

9. The majority don't know any of the members, only the groups'

10. For male idols it must be only the 2nd generation + EXO Produce...?  After that, nobody

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