JYP Entertainment will launch a global girl group with US Republic Records.

Starting with TWICE in 2020, JYP is currently forming a strategic cooperative relationship in the US market NO.1 label Universal Music's subsidiary Republic Records. 

The two companies will introduce a debut project called 'A2K' for a global girl group based in English-speaking countries such as the United States and Canada.

The audition for JYP-Republic Records joint project 'A2K', which will be developed by Park Jinyoung, who is focusing on expanding the influence of K-pop, will start with Atlanta, USA on September 10 (local time), and held in five major US cities, including Chicago on the 14th, New York on the 17th and 18th, Dallas on the 20th, and Los Angeles on the 23rd-25th. The main location for the audition is set in LA, and the global girl group debut candidates who passed the audition will be transferred to the JYP headquarters in Korea and go through a systematic training system leveraging on the know-how of K-pop strategists, choreographers, and producers including Park Jinyoung. They will eventually debut under a global girl group.

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1. Jinyoung-ah....

2. Whatever...

3. KPOP is already considered a has-been over there, they're just doing this for money
> KPOP is already a has-been?? I didn't know
>> Yeah, right now, streaming have went down a lot, it's like people aren't that curious about KPOP anymore? Of course, this doesn't affect the group who already made their place, but it's way harder to enter the HOT100 and streaming have decreased. 
>>> But Spotify artists' streaming are going up....
>>>> Because they're accumulated, if you compared to previous songs, they decreased by a lot 

4. Is he planning to open an entertainment company in the US?

5. His US disease is honestly a chronic disease

6. As expected Jinyoungie's ultimate dream is still America 

7. Look at him mediaplaying again to boost his investors...

8. He can't let go of the US 

9. Oh, he's doing this in Japan, China and US!

10. The process and results aren't even out yet, but he's already talking like that... It's better for him to not say anything at this point in time

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