t/n: the original post doesn't mention it, but we will put in parenthesis the survival shows + winner for clarity :)

Jang Beom June (SuperstarK 3, Winner: Ulala Session)

Lee Hi (K-pop Star 1, Winner: Park Jimin)

Kim Sejeong (Produce 101, Winner: Somi)

Aiki (Street Woman Fighter, Winner: Holybang)

Jessi (Unpretty Rapstar 1, Winner: Cheetah)

Bibi (The FAN, Winner: Car, the garden)

Song Mino (SMTM 4, Winner: Basick)

Nucksal (SMTM 6, Winner: Hangzoo)

Hong Jinho/Yellow (StarCraft Pro-gamer. He is famous for never having won first place in major StarCraft tournaments despite strong performances. He managed to finish second place six times in events which earned him the title "King of Silver").

The representative of this category

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1. This post was a build up for the last oneㅋㅋㅋ

2. The emblems of the 2nd place

3. A post made for Hong Jinho

4. Song Mino wasn't #1???????????? The line 'Anyways, the winner is Song Mino' left such a strong impression, I thought he won (t/n: BlackNut rapped this line during one of the rounds)

5. Did Kim Sejeong's group disband so she can continue as an actress? I feel like Somi's solo was way more successful in comparison. Of course, I know the post is just a gag for the last person, but let's not drag each other's career

6. But Somi and Sejeong are both doing well in their respective fields

7. I didn't know Kim Sejeong was doing well, I know that Somi's song was a hit though

8. No matter how you see it, the #1 is always the muggle pick while #2 is the core fandom pick

9. But the #1s were AKMU, Im Youngwoong, Jang Wonyoung and Jun Somi 

10. Not sure for SWF, everyone seems to be doing well

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